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Living your life with bad teeth is hard. We launched Hart & Coco to guide you in your comprehensive dental treatment.

Most importantly, we help you understand your dental options so you never have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about your teeth ever again.

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State-of-the-Art Dentistry Meets Southern Comfort

We’re a one-of-a-kind dental practice designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. We have two specialty dentists, each with advanced training and skills in particular aspects of dentistry.

You can make sure you get proper dental care for any condition – from your routine check-up to a full-mouth reconstruction. You’ll get the cutting-edge dentistry combined with the warmth and care that keeps you coming back year after year.

We Have Our Own Lab

We have an in-house, full-service lab with three technicians. If you ever have an emergency, we can make repairs quickly so you never have to go without teeth.

We use the latest technology, like 3D printing and a CAD-CAM millng center, to create your prosthetics. Our lab produces prosthetics for only our patients, and our doctors manage it to ensure the highest standard of quality you can’t find anywhere else.

This lab uses high-quality materials that a large production lab could not use (and still make a profit). Our lab is not here to make a profit – it’s here to make high-quality and long-lasting prosthetics.

Ultimately, our team works together for you to make sure that everything fits, feels and looks perfect. This also can save you money in the end, and everyone likes saving money.

All on Four Procedure

In the All on Four treatment option, you can come in with bad teeth, and you can leave the same day with dental implants and new temporary teeth.

This is because in our office, we do everything in-house. Surgery, all prosthetic steps, repairs, and production of the prosthesis happen here. All of your work is supervised by your doctor, and the technician is on-site to visit with you during the final steps of making the appliance.

Your other option do this would be by using an oral surgeon, a general dentist, an independent outside production lab. This typically works okay on the day of the procedure, but the final steps for you can be a big pain, and the quality is questionable.

In this multi-office alternative, You have post-op visits at the surgeon’s office, post-op visits at the dentist’s office, adjustments at the dentist’s office, repairs that have to be scheduled and often aren’t same day with the production lab – and that’s just during recovery following the surgery. The final steps are less-controlled because the final prosthesis is left solely in the hands of an assembly line method at a lab that the doctor cannot go to and supervise the prosthesis creation.

Your One-Stop for Dental Implants

Everything you need is under one roof. Your surgery, prosthetics and lab are all done right in our office.

This means you’ll get the convenience all of your dental needs met at our office — you’ll never have to shuttle around to multiple locations.