Dental Implants

Creating Better Smiles Through Technology

Our practice is unique in many different ways, and how we outfit you with your dental implants is no exception. Unlike other dental implant centers, we remove the uncertainty and guesswork from dental implant treatment.

By using 3D computer technology, we’re able to quickly and successfully use dental implants to give you the beautiful, long-lasting, confident smile of your dreams.

Replacing One Tooth

Dental implants are the standard of care for replacing any missing teeth, and in most cases, are the strongest and longest lasting option as well.

We place a dental implant, which looks like a common screw, in the area of your missing tooth.

Once there, the implant fuses with your natural bone, which helps preserve the bone you have, while stimulating new bone growth to replace what you’ve lost.

After the implant fuses with your bone, our in-house lab will fabricate a crown, custom-shaded to your tooth color. We’ll place this on top of your implant, replacing the tooth you have lost.

Your final result will look natural and work the same as a real tooth and last for years to come.

Replacing Multiple Teeth 

If you need to replace multiple missing (or failing) teeth in a row, consider an implant-supported bridge.

We can use this fantastic option by placing a dental implant on either end of the area of your missing teeth. Our in-house laboratory can fabricate a bridge to fit onto these implants, just like they would fit on your natural teeth.

By using dental implants, you can reduce the length of the bridge, which increases the overall strength of the prosthesis. The implants also help to preserve bone in the area of the missing teeth, so an implant supported bridge can help to cut down on bone recession.

Furthermore, by attaching a bridge to implants instead of natural teeth, you can eliminate the need to involve adjacent teeth, helping to preserve their integrity and keep them stronger and healthier for longer.

Replacing All of Your Teeth With Just Four Implants

All on Four Procedure

Sometimes, you may need to have all of your teeth removed. In the past, this would force you into bulky and badly-fitting dentures.

With today’s dental technology, this doesn’t have to be the case. By placing at least four implants in each arch (four on top and four on bottom), you can have a full arch bridge that replaces all of your teeth and is fixed into place.

At Hart & Coco, we call this the All-On-Four procedure. With the All-On-Four, you can effectively replace all of your teeth with very little downtime.

This procedure replaces your teeth in a way that allows you to maintain full form and function of your teeth while also addressing any aesthetic needs you may have. In most cases, your teeth can be removed and replaced with fixed temporaries in one visit.

Once the implants have been given ample time to fuse with your bone, we will come back and make any aesthetic changes you would like prior to fabricating your final product! Once treatment is complete, you can expect a fully functional set of new teeth that look and act like natural!